Here’s to the team that showed nothing but brilliance tonight by beating FC Barcelona 7 – 0 on aggregate – CHEERS!!!


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EA FIFA 14: Coming soon…

“It’s all in a game!”

Ladies and gents – it’s finally here: EA FIFA 14.

Even though a release date is not yet set, there’s no doubt that EA FIFA 14 is gonna be one of the most highly anticipated games (including GTA V) of 2013.

Rumors and leaks doing rounds on the web tend to claim that FIFA 14 developers at EA this time worked on the preciseness of goal scoring – meaning goals are going to be more spectacular than ever before. I’m not sure how would that particularly work on our consoles and PCs, so getting previews on platforms like Youtube would be nice before the game finally gets released.

Either way – GAME ON!

Platforms: PS2 PS3 XBOX PC PSP (not sure about PS VITA)

*George Mokaila is a pop/r&b artist, gamer and a blogger*

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“I thought she was an intruder!” – Oscar Pistorious

A 44 magnum pistol & bloodied cricket bat all over the crime scene, inside a bathroom in his flat next to his deceased model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp where found. Using a gun for protection? Maybe! Cricket bat? Hell no! If you ask me – That’s murder in the first degree! Question – What drove him to kill (in cold blood)?

“Blade runner,” as known all over the world, got something to hide – some deep, dark secrets! Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying he’s already guilty, but why finish her off with a cricket bat? Obviously by then you knew actually the gunned down “intruder” was actually your girlfriend. So why the carnage & barbarism?

Enter his big brother, Carl Pistorius – also charged with attempted murder on his partner himself. Note: both these men run active 4 companies (including their little sister). So money is not an issue here! Only one answer remains – abuse! All these killer acts might just be a reflection of what the two men went through as toddlers – hell on earth!

All that emotional, physical and sexual abuse coming back to haunt them. Who knows…

That might be the reason why they kill!

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On stage he’s such a charmaboy… a ladiesman! He even drives a flashy BMW X5. The man even got sexy dimples. So what’s wrong with ‘Mr Resista?’ Why is he single, dateless and *ahem* desperate for love?

Lol! I’m not laughing! Ok I am laughing out loud and please don’t judge me! *yawn* Ok back to the dateless one. Let me break it down for him a bit…


I don’t fucken care if you were “born fat, the thick belly gotta go, pal! Please don’t give me the “Zulus eat meat 24/7 *including breakfast*” crap. That’s 100% pure bullshit… and you know it. From now on I wanna see more veggies, less meat and beer on your music videos. By the way this diet plan includes Bignuz and Dj Tira tira tira too. Fat bellies gotta go!


I don’t mean to be rude, punk, but yo dick is too small! Answer: dick pump! Of course it ain’t easy as a man pouring yo heart about the size of yo tiny dick, uya nthola? But if I were you I’d go to noeleen3talk and talk about it live on air. Real men talk about it. I hope the entire afrotainment crew especially bignuz will join you too! I hate seeing these hos exploiting you for cash. You deserve better! Just pump it big, punk!


Wanna get laid, derango? Stop dancing like a fag. Period! Let Somizi jiggle the ass. She’s got nothing to lose! Rather lipsync on stage and tv. No chick will be caught dead dating a man who dances like a hoent bitch on heat.

You were warned!

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JACOB ZUMA: Africa’s next dictator?

On the outside he seems jolly and playful, yet somehow you can’t help but feel certain negative energies creeping down your soul slowly each time you look at his picture. Maybe it’s just a hunch: just maybe!

Besides, can a man judge another based purely on instincts? YES and NO! By the way I just did and I’m sticking to it! Hate me for all I fucken care: I got four years of intense research to back up my theoretical instincts. Allow me to back it up a bit…

If you are a loyal Zuma diehard supporter, you elected him into power in Mangaung, you’ve funded the man somehow, you regard the man as your Messiah and you’re willing to kill for him: This article is about you!

“Zuma will rule ’til the second coming of Jesus!” – so they say. Not that I’m complaining, the last time I voted was in 1999, anyway. So don’t worry about me. I’m fine! It’s just that your cocky actions and bullish, intimidating ways of forcefully putting anyone into power kinda reminds me of why Africa got more dictators than the entire world combined.

Don’t get me wrong, Jacob Zuma is just a man chosen by the masses to lead the ANC. Too bad because now your unconditional love ’til the death for the man is slowly but surely turning him into Africa’s next Dictator! Now the question I have for you my know-it-all, cocky friend is: Will you live with the choice you made and…


“Zuma will rule ’til the second coming of Jesus!” – ANC supporter

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JACOB ZUMA: Why he should quit second term!

The year was 2008 when Thabo Mbeki was forcefully denied 3rd term by Ancyl in favour of its other members. After lengthy backstabbing, denials and shadow games played by potential candidates, Jacob Zuma finally got the nod through intimidation and threats towards anyone who dared question the decision taken to why he was chosen to lead the ANC come 2009 elections and beyond.

As soon as he took the hot seat as their new leader, just months before the national elections took place, rape and corruption charges surfaced. During one of the most controversial trials since the rivonia trial, he admitted on having unprotected sexual intercourse with the woman out of an agreement and immediately took a cold shower afterwards. He was soon found not guilty of rape and all the charges brought against him, then went ahead to become the most controversial president South Africa and the rest of the world has ever seen.

As I’m typing this, three years later, he’s being regarded by the public as the most incompetent, selfish, vision-less leader to ever lead them. Not to mention the DA are also working tirelessly night and day to bring the corruption charges back. So far he’s married four times and got 20 kids. An estimated R256 million will be spent on building his homestead in Nkandla using tax payers’ money, which he openly denied. After all those above mentioned incidents, it seems the “great survivor” might be nominated by his party to lead them during 2014 elections. They regard that as a wise move to take the ANC movement forward.


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BRA JOHNNY: My pantsula in law!

This is Bra Johnny. Also known as the pantsula in law! Forever bragging and always wasteful kinda guy. Always wasting his last cash on bling and other useless stuff. By the way the man will be joining the military force soon.


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