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Zidane: Headbutt saga revisited

Zidane! Zidane! He did it! He did it… “He insulted my sister” – Zidane The year is 2006, Italy and France just reached the world cup soccer finals. Few minutes left before the end of extra time. It looks like … Continue reading

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Here’s to the team that showed nothing but brilliance tonight by beating FC Barcelona 7 – 0 on aggregate – CHEERS!!! FC BAYERN MUNICH Useful links: Facebook Twitter My music page George “D-punkster aka Mjipa” Mokaila is a musician and … Continue reading

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EA FIFA 14: Coming soon…

“It’s all in a game!” Ladies and gents – it’s finally here: EA FIFA 14. Even though a release date is not yet set, there’s no doubt that EA FIFA 14 is gonna be one of the most highly anticipated … Continue reading

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“I thought she was an intruder!” – Oscar Pistorious A 44 magnum pistol & bloodied cricket bat all over the crime scene, inside a bathroom in his flat next to his deceased model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp where found. Using a … Continue reading

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On stage he’s such a charmaboy… a ladiesman! He even drives a flashy BMW X5. The man even got sexy dimples. So what’s wrong with ‘Mr Resista?’ Why is he single, dateless and *ahem* desperate for love? Lol! I’m not … Continue reading

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JACOB ZUMA: Africa’s next dictator?

On the outside he seems jolly and playful, yet somehow you can’t help but feel certain negative energies creeping down your soul slowly each time you look at his picture. Maybe it’s just a hunch: just maybe! Besides, can a … Continue reading

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JACOB ZUMA: Why he should quit second term!

The year was 2008 when Thabo Mbeki was forcefully denied 3rd term by Ancyl in favour of its other members. After lengthy backstabbing, denials and shadow games played by potential candidates, Jacob Zuma finally got the nod through intimidation and … Continue reading

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