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Director - Holamjipa Arts Business Stage name: D_punkster aka Mjipa - © 1996 George Mokaila. I'M A POP/R&B ARTIST: With influences from - Soul, kwaito, house, electronic, folk, acoustic & funk. Also a - Guitarist, lyricist, songwriter, keyboardist, cartoonist, gamer, film maker & a blogger. Love to connect - so just follow my links & I'll respond. Stay real & creative!

SUGAR-TAX LAW: Same ol’ shit!

“Government is like a big bully!” – Robert Kiyosaki History of taxes has never been a pleasant one – the poor guy always gets fucked! From selfish kings and queens collecting ridiculously high rates of revenues in painfully short spaces … Continue reading

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BLACK BUSINESS: Why it’ll always fail!

Fronting | Dictatorship | Individualism… Now those are just some of the few things holding us back as Africans (blacks in particular) to true financial freedom we’ve always wanted for nearly four centuries to date. Yesterday I was taking a … Continue reading

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SOUTH AFRICANS: Bunch of pussies?

“Dont be such a pussy…” “Don’t be such a big pussy…” – Unknown News flash: South African economy’s on its knees. “Why’s that?” – you ask. Answer is simple: Lack of kahunas! Whether it’s the apartheid government trying to hang … Continue reading

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FEMINISM IN SOUTH AFRICA: Is this the “New Apartheid?”

“We run this shit!” “If a man and a woman decides to part ways, that RDP house belongs to the woman and her children. That man must just take his jacket and VOETSEK!” – Lindiwe Sisulu (Minister of housing) South … Continue reading

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TB Joshua’s Church: Why it crumbled like sugar!

Helicopter did it! “Tithing is a god-given must in your life, otherwise you won’t be blessed!” – Pastor Zondo Since when the pastors where counted amongst the wealthiest? Didn’t Christ himself trash a church after realizing they were too much … Continue reading

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KHANYI MBAU: Did she truly repent?

“I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke niggas…” – Kanye West “Can I really trust her?” – must be the question Khanyi’s latest boyfriend, Tebogo asks himself every time he watches her sleep. … Continue reading

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Zidane: Headbutt saga revisited

Zidane! Zidane! He did it! He did it… “He insulted my sister” – Zidane The year is 2006, Italy and France just reached the world cup soccer finals. Few minutes left before the end of extra time. It looks like … Continue reading

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