First Ever Interview On Radio For D_punkster At West Side FM

D_punkster and Mlustar The General

I gotta admit it: Arriving at West Side FM studios in Kagiso on Wednesday for the first time to promote my debut album – I never imagined Mr Nkuna would ask me to come back on Friday morning to do an interview with Mlustar The General on his Breakfast Show.

Saying I was excited that day would definitely be an understatement. That happened to be the happiest moment in my life as an artist EVER! I truly felt like a fully-fledged artist.

When Friday (this morning) came, I made sure all my online friends knew about it alright. I reached the studios 15 minutes early, which gave me enough time to prepare myself accordingly.

After the 8am news, Mlustar The General signalled me come in. Realising that I was panicking he eased my nerves by guiding me jokingly where to sit and to pick up the headphones.

One of my gut songs, Tshwarelo was already blasting away at that moment. Mlustar acted cool but I could see he was feeling the song himself, which is why he chose to play it first anyway.

The interview soon began afterwards. The General made sure I got more than enough time and space to promote my Holamjipa Arts Business record label, album, artistic and personal profile accordingly.

He then followed up by playing another hit song from my album on called: Realove. Got a chance to also explain both songs as well as advice and inspire other local artists. By the time the interview was over I was already feeling like a REAL Popstar.

Really would like to take this opportunity to thank my younger brother, Bongz for hooking me up with the West Side FM Crew. Another big shoutout to West Side FM Crew itself for giving me such a platform to promote my company as well as my album…


Here’s the Podcast in case you missed my interview with Mlustar The General on the Breakfast Show this morning… 😉😎

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About D_punkster

Director/CEO/Producer: Holamjipa Arts Business. Musician. Composer. Vocalist. Guitarist. Keyboardist. Arts Coach. Cartoonist.
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