SUGAR-TAX LAW: Same ol’ shit!


"Give me your lunch money!"

“Government is like a big bully!” – Robert Kiyosaki

History of taxes has never been a pleasant one – the poor guy always gets fucked! From selfish kings and queens collecting ridiculously high rates of revenues in painfully short spaces of time, thus creating a huge wealth gap which still affect us even today. Eventually leading to the industrial revolution as we know it.

Governments to rule nations were created soon afterwards as a result. Before you know it, classes between the haves and have-nots soon emerged. Due to the dissatisfaction of the lower class citizens, another revolution broke out, this time between the upper class and the lower class respectively.

And for peace to prevail, the then government officials promised to deduct a certain amount of income from the rich to give it back to the masses, in a form of taxes. That was a mistake. As the government became greedy, the very same poor citizens who gave them the go ahead were soon heavily taxed as well, and the rest is history…

Fast forward to 2016: 1% of the world’s population owns more than half of the entire planet’s wealth. World economy has taken a serious financial beating. Poverty it’s at it’s highest level since 1929. Governments all over the world (including Europe) are facing massive recession.

South Africa is about to reach junk status. In fact – the financial situation in South Africa is so bad, minister of finance just introduced the “new” controversial sugar tax law, which still needs to be finalized once business and the government reach an agreement.

Of course big business has already gone on the defensive by threatening to reinvest some of their revenue to other foreign countries, while claiming that if this fucked up law come into being – 60 000 jobs will be lost as a result. Shocker!

“Wtf was this stupid, greedy government thinking anyway?”, I ask myself. How low can they go just to milk away at the already fragile, vulnerable, poor, under performing, South African economy anyway? Are we as citizens so understanding that we’ll put up with any shit thrown our way?

More like the big bully kicking some sand on to your face and dare you to do something about it. Obviously these big companies will once again create some loop holes before passing the baton towards you and I. After all – these assholes never pay for shit. Their job is to create more wealth for their so-called foreign investors. The sugar tax bill will be taken straight towards our hard-earned salaries.

If this bill sees the light of day – we’re all in deep shit! Those so-called “fat kids” they’re busy targeting will get even more fat, leaving us with even more sugar taxes to pay dearly for. And only then we’ll get this message loud and clear – taxes were only meant to empower the selected few elites…

You were warned!

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