BLACK BUSINESS: Why it’ll always fail!


We can do better.

Fronting | Dictatorship | Individualism…

Now those are just some of the few things holding us back as Africans (blacks in particular) to true financial freedom we’ve always wanted for nearly four centuries to date.

Yesterday I was taking a 15 km walk from work to my current residence and reality suddenly hit me like a home run – South African townships are getting crappier by the day. Not only does it’s business no longer belong to it’s very own home-based entrepreneurs, it’s hapless odour is getting stronger by the day. “Where did it all go wrong?”, you ask.

Nearly thirty years ago, just as the apartheid regime was about to be officially “eradicated” – township business was surprisingly thriving, even though it’s movement as well as expansion was strictly monitored not to mention limited. It was like as if the then oppressed entrepreneurs used the very same negative energy as an inspiration to be great.

Then all of a sudden during 1990: Nelson Mandela was released from prison and some of the political prisoners were also given a pardon, before being released. Finally – blacks were officially feeling their political wealth getting a major boost. In fact the impact was so great, most of the previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs decided it was time to follow the political entourage. That was a mistake…

Fast forward to 2016: South Africa is being run by a bunch of loser clowns who have no slightest damn idea on how to empower the previously disadvantaged economically. BBBEE turned out to be fronting haven for the colonial masters. Ministerial positions have being privatized. Politicians are the new entrepreneurs. Funds are leaving the country daily. Companies are jumping ship. Mines are no longer profitable. South African economy is reaching JUNK STATUS.


Unfortunately for South African economy to escape the looming JUNK STATUS: poor blacks must also contribute directly to the currently ailing economy by being included on the running as well as ownership of it’s local assets. In fact – the more you exclude them, the faster this country will reach the dreaded status. The sooner, the better.

As an entrepreneur who was mentored by the best myself…

I know it is possible!

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