SOUTH AFRICANS: Bunch of pussies?

“Dont be such a pussy…”

“Don’t be such a big pussy…” – Unknown

News flash: South African economy’s on its knees. “Why’s that?” – you ask. Answer is simple: Lack of kahunas! Whether it’s the apartheid government trying to hang on to power ’til Jesus comes back or Pakistani and Somali foreign nationals building spaza shops all over the townships not to mention “Bra Jay” selling us to the Russians through dodgy nuclear power deals – we are in deep shit!

Don’t get me started with foreign investors holding us by the balls, thanks to those selfish whiteys who put all our resources on sale – so that they can simply eat in a better cafeteria. Now a man can’t even take a shit without feeling like he might just offend them, which will lead to South Africa turning into the next Zimbabwe.

In fact our currency: Rand, is so fucken useless that even when America is facing a crisis somewhere out there, it’s the one that ends up losing its value. How fucked up is that? I’ve even heard stories (hoping it’s just rumors) that babies belonging to foreign spaza shop owners are scattered all over our townships. Hehehe… I’m not laughing – just secretly disgusted (not to mention disappointed). Statistics SA claims unemployment rate is at 25% when actually it’s at 50%. Even political parties are pushing different personal (not to mention racial and tribal) agendas, on which, funny enough – ain’t got nothing to do with true economic empowerment of our country. The latest parliament saga is living proof of just that.

Let me see:

    1. We don’t own our economy.

    2. “Bra Jay” sold us to the “power-hungry” Russians.

    3. Foreign babies are scattered all over the townships.

    4. Our currency depreciates in value each time the Americans cough.

    5. 50% of South Africans are actually unemployed.

    6. Opposition parties’ agendas make the situation even worse.

All I ask is this:

    – Who’s ballsy enough to put the economy of this country back on the hands of its locals?

    – Who’s our next “practical” Nelson Mandela?

    – Who’s tough enough?

    – Who knows how to get there?

    – Who’s got the plan to strengthen our hopelessly weak Rand?

    – Who can break down the chains of this ridiculous inequality?

    – Who can bring us the true economic, social and mental freedom?

South Africa needs a courageous, ballsy hero asap…


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