FEMINISM IN SOUTH AFRICA: Is this the “New Apartheid?”

“We run this shit!”

“If a man and a woman decides to part ways, that RDP house belongs to the woman and her children. That man must just take his jacket and VOETSEK!” – Lindiwe Sisulu (Minister of housing)

South Africa’s rated as one of the most unequal societies in the world. With a history of extreme poverty, racism as well as gender-based violence incidents (just to name a few). With all of the above mentioned facts, you’d expect it’s politicians and leadership to know better, right? You are wrong!

The entire planet knows that black africans in general suffered the worst treatment during Apartheid years, yet strangely enough, fast-forward to 2014: you’d swear that only black women (including children and the disabled) deserves some sort of comfort and attention in the “New South Africa”!

All the countries’ limited resources, especially the government’s, seems to be mainly focusing on the above-mentioned folks. Poor black men just don’t seize to exist anymore. They somehow seem to have “benefited” from Apartheid. Marikana incident to them was nothing but a bunch of privileged black men acting stupid, instead of being thankful for their jobs.

Whether is “Take a girl child to work campaign”, the latest controversial Papgeld ruling or the Minister of housing, Lindiwe Sisulu running her mouth making uncalled for remarks regarding ownership of RDP houses: South Africa is slowly but surely turning into a feminist country. Poor black man is finally on his own.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t tackle violence against women, disabled and children – can’t we just do that while ensuring that we don’t introduce reverse sexism at the same time? I’m even too scared to ask about the role men are allowed to play on their children’s lives without feeling like their nothing but sperm donors or the legitimacy of paternity tests in this country.

You think that’s bad enough? Even little boys (especially poor blacks) are included in this sexist, messy nonsense. Nobody’s preparing them for the future. While their fathers and grandfathers suffered the worst by being ridiculed and humiliated publicly right in front of their wives and children during apartheid years by white folks and policemen, unfortunately they are again forced to watch their little boys miss an opportunity to be decision-makers of the future in their own country.

Somehow the ANC government is using their ruling powers and limited resources to promote reverse sexism to the core while ensuring the poor black men stay poor and hapless. Not to mention – break up happy families as well as communities! Black South africans in general have suffered long enough already…

They don’t need another apartheid: REVERSE SEXISM!


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