TB Joshua’s Church: Why it crumbled like sugar!

Helicopter did it!

Helicopter did it!

“Tithing is a god-given must in your life, otherwise you won’t be blessed!” – Pastor Zondo

Since when the pastors where counted amongst the wealthiest? Didn’t Christ himself trash a church after realizing they were too much focused on financial issues? Why put a percentage on tithing? Does a senior pastor even need a private jet?

More importantly: if church members contributed their hard-earned cash on a church – shouldn’t they get value in return? This is the kinda question I raised quietly to myself after witnessing the collapse of TB Joshua’s church (pictured above) on national TV. Where one of the survivors confessed on just how “it crumbled like sugar!” Another victim reminiscing on how she survived on her own urine for seven days underneath all that pile of cheap cement. Shocker!

I’m not saying whatever happened during that spiritual event was of their own doing or whether the victims deserved it. My problem is the way the building fell. It crumbled so cheaply. For a moment you’d swear the building was simply built on cheap cement – nothing more nothing less. The place looked like a dumping site afterwards, with no sign of a building whatsoever. Forcing care workers to remove the bodies underneath a pile of white dust.

Who was the architect? Where’s the building plan? How cheap was the building material? How come steel pillars weren’t used? Which company was it? Who hired them? Are they even registered? Are they qualified? Who inspected the building after completion? Where’s the churchgoers’ ROI?

More importantly – Why expect tithing if you know you won’t be using the money to build a better, safer & more convenient church?

Blame it all on greed…


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