KHANYI MBAU: Did she truly repent?


"Let's hope Tebogo won't find out..."

“I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke niggas…” – Kanye West

“Can I really trust her?” – must be the question Khanyi’s latest boyfriend, Tebogo asks himself every time he watches her sleep. If  those warnings made by his family (especially his mother), friends & fellow band members would come back to haunt him. “Is he a sucker for love indeed?” – he asks himself.

Meet Khanyi – South Africa’s very own self proclaimed gold digger and sugardaddies’ lover. The woman who never financially settled for less – the older and richer, the better! From driving Lamborghinis to R30 000 Louis Vitton handbags – the bitch’s pussy didn’t come cheap at all(just ask Mandla Mthembu)! Everywhere she appeared women, young and old, hung on to their rich husbands for dear life(just ask Primrose). Not that dating sugardaddies was the problem – she dumped them once they went broke. Poor Mandla!!! The slut even put her pussy online (remember twitter) just to get her diabetic, viagra-popping “damsels in distress'” attention. What a whore!

Fast forward to 2014 – the once called “gold digging” slut is now a “changed” young lady who only dates guys her age. She even uses her column on Sunday Sun to justify her latest innocent life while warning other young women to stay away from sugardaddies. Wow!  Each Sunday she can’t wait to verbally assault her sugardaddy exes. That shit sounds more like a bitter ex don’t you think, Khanyi? Bitch are you truly sure you’re really, sincerely over them?(I personally don’t buy that cheap bullshit!) Admit it, Khanyi: you miss them saggy balls now – don’t cha?

The truth shall set you free…


"Something for the sugardaddies..."

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George Mokaila is a musician, cartoonist as well as a blogger.


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