Zidane: Headbutt saga revisited

Zidane! Zidane! He did it! He did it...

Zidane! Zidane! He did it! He did it…

“He insulted my sister” – Zidane

The year is 2006, Italy and France just reached the world cup soccer finals. Few minutes left before the end of extra time. It looks like the game would be decided on penalties.

The referee blows his whistle, Zidane is called over… Red card it is! “Zozou” leaves the pitch with immediate effect. Shocker!!!

“What did he do?”, asking myself.

Replay: Zidane passes Materazzi… Materazzi says something to him… He turns immediately and lays his thick skull on Marco’s tiny chest… Down he goes with the hand on his chest!

Back to the game – France are now 1 man short on the pitch. Their captain is gone! Few minutes later the referee blows his whistle and it’s off to penalties. Italians keep their nerve and eventually steal the cup. France lose.

24 hours later after the finals, french press was filled with Zidane pics and the local fans started mocking the fallen soccer star through song and dance while calling him a coward. His final match on the pitch ending on low key. Even FIFA banned and fined him.

It was time for the press to grill him some more by making him explain his stupid behaviour on such a crucial match. His answer: “Marco insulted my sister!” What? Wtf dude! What kinda of a captain are you letting personal feelings cost the entire country a world cup. You are a weakling – disgrace to french football. Now the only statue you got was the one showing you headbutt poor, innocent Materazzi. The man didn’t deserve this. He was a cool, decent man. Now he needs psychological help, thanks to you “Mr bad loser!”


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5 Responses to Zidane: Headbutt saga revisited

  1. phildange says:

    Why do you call him a bad loser, when at this moment the scoreboard was 1-1, and France was utterly dominating while Italy did nothing but defend its goalkeeper ?
    By the way, in the whole world this sport is called football .
    By the way n°2, I always thought Zidane was not a strong guy, nor a cool guy . If people find him the greatest French player of all times, it’s only because they are young and ignorant . Platini was far more important in the team, and better too, and cooler too .

  2. phildange says:

    For people who watched football between 1978 and 1986, Platini was a creative genious . By himself he could do anything, dribbling one or two guys when needed, hyper-precision in every shot, ( he’s the one who started using free kicks like penalties with a diabolical precision ), he even scored spectacular head goals though he nearly never did that, just when it was the only option, he used to do acrobatic gestures or dribbling, but only when it was necessary . He showed an even higher personal technics than Zidane . But that’s in the team he was greater . He was the boss, the organizer, the strategist, and the one who could impulse boldness and risk taking . His vision and the perfection of his passing, his ability to conclude nearly at 100% when it was the best option . You could feel his leadership clearly more than Zidane’s, and I never saw him doing a bad act on the field, unlike Zizou . France won the European championship 1984, but before that, the World Cup 1982 had seen a Greek drama . With him France played the most beautiful football ( that’s a difference ! ), everybody liked its game . It was fanciful, creative, very technical ad full of emotions . In 1986 the Q/F Brazil – France was qualified later by the great Johann Cruyff ” the true final ” .
    I’m too youg to have witnessed before the 60s, but for me chronologically there has been Pele, after him Cruyff, and after him Platini . In the same time there was Maradona, but this guy had too much of an ego to be a really great player . Platini never did any individual exploit when there was a clearer option, but when he did his super ability was as good as Maradona’s, believe me .
    If you can try to watch videos of World Cups 82 and 86, Euro Champinship 1984, or any 80s games of the Champions League winners Juventus .

    • Then if Platini was that damn good – how come France never won any world cup then? Under Zidane they almost won the world cup twice. Platini might be good but he’s Clearly not a winner here. Good football ain’t complete without nothing to show for it. Too bad even thee Zidane sold his country out too. In fact – they both suck!

  3. phildange says:

    After 62 France was nothing in football, neither until the end of 70s, and Platini led the rebirth . But in 82 the French were the best, and lost in semi-final just because of an overwhelmed ref and the incredible violence of the German goalkeeper ( under cocaine, as he admitted later ) . I don’t say this alone . If you can find international newspapers from the time you’ll see . In 86 they were favourite, they beated Brazil in Q/F, and got a “turista” for the semi . They couldn’t even run . But they won the 84 Euro . To win you need extra circumstances, and the great Holland led by the great Cruyff didn’t win in 74 and 78 although they were the best . Sport is not always fair, but I prefer a beautiful loser than a dirty winner .

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