EA FIFA 14: Coming soon…

“It’s all in a game!”

Ladies and gents – it’s finally here: EA FIFA 14.

Even though a release date is not yet set, there’s no doubt that EA FIFA 14 is gonna be one of the most highly anticipated games (including GTA V) of 2013.

Rumors and leaks doing rounds on the web tend to claim that FIFA 14 developers at EA this time worked on the preciseness of goal scoring – meaning goals are going to be more spectacular than ever before. I’m not sure how would that particularly work on our consoles and PCs, so getting previews on platforms like Youtube would be nice before the game finally gets released.

Either way – GAME ON!

Platforms: PS2 PS3 XBOX PC PSP (not sure about PS VITA)

*George Mokaila is a pop/r&b artist, gamer and a blogger*

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