“I thought she was an intruder!” – Oscar Pistorious

A 44 magnum pistol & bloodied cricket bat all over the crime scene, inside a bathroom in his flat next to his deceased model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp where found. Using a gun for protection? Maybe! Cricket bat? Hell no! If you ask me – That’s murder in the first degree! Question – What drove him to kill (in cold blood)?

“Blade runner,” as known all over the world, got something to hide – some deep, dark secrets! Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying he’s already guilty, but why finish her off with a cricket bat? Obviously by then you knew actually the gunned down “intruder” was actually your girlfriend. So why the carnage & barbarism?

Enter his big brother, Carl Pistorius – also charged with attempted murder on his partner himself. Note: both these men run active 4 companies (including their little sister). So money is not an issue here! Only one answer remains – abuse! All these killer acts might just be a reflection of what the two men went through as toddlers – hell on earth!

All that emotional, physical and sexual abuse coming back to haunt them. Who knows…

That might be the reason why they kill!


About George "D_punkster aka Mjipa" Mokaila

Director - Holamjipa Arts Business Stage name: D_punkster aka Mjipa - © 1996 George Mokaila. I'M A POP/R&B ARTIST: With influences from - Soul, kwaito, house, electronic, folk, acoustic & funk. Also a - Guitarist, lyricist, songwriter, keyboardist, cartoonist, gamer, film maker & a blogger. Love to connect - so just follow my links & I'll respond. Stay real & creative!
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