On stage he’s such a charmaboy… a ladiesman! He even drives a flashy BMW X5. The man even got sexy dimples. So what’s wrong with ‘Mr Resista?’ Why is he single, dateless and *ahem* desperate for love?

Lol! I’m not laughing! Ok I am laughing out loud and please don’t judge me! *yawn* Ok back to the dateless one. Let me break it down for him a bit…


I don’t fucken care if you were “born fat, the thick belly gotta go, pal! Please don’t give me the “Zulus eat meat 24/7 *including breakfast*” crap. That’s 100% pure bullshit… and you know it. From now on I wanna see more veggies, less meat and beer on your music videos. By the way this diet plan includes Bignuz and Dj Tira tira tira too. Fat bellies gotta go!


I don’t mean to be rude, punk, but yo dick is too small! Answer: dick pump! Of course it ain’t easy as a man pouring yo heart about the size of yo tiny dick, uya nthola? But if I were you I’d go to noeleen3talk and talk about it live on air. Real men talk about it. I hope the entire afrotainment crew especially bignuz will join you too! I hate seeing these hos exploiting you for cash. You deserve better! Just pump it big, punk!


Wanna get laid, derango? Stop dancing like a fag. Period! Let Somizi jiggle the ass. She’s got nothing to lose! Rather lipsync on stage and tv. No chick will be caught dead dating a man who dances like a hoent bitch on heat.

You were warned!


About D_punkster

Director/CEO/Producer: Holamjipa Arts Business. Musician. Composer. Vocalist. Guitarist. Keyboardist. Arts Coach. Cartoonist.
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  1. jaqui says:

    Lvovo is a nyc guy,he deserve 2 b in relationship with respectful lady

  2. Senelita says:

    He must look for an ordinary woman who can take care of him not at celebville..that’s de only way he can have real relationship..

  3. L’VOVO U’RE NYC GUY ND A CELEBRITY SO WHY SO DESPERATE FOR LOVE???……even me am nt a celebrity lyk u bt am nt desperate for love lyk u….amatheken athanda umjita onjengawe ukuth inkinga engibonayo ngawe ukuth awukwazi ukushela uyilenhlobo ethengela amantombazane utshwala bese akushiya ungenamali amantombazane lol….for an example mina angnamali fth anglona celebritx njengawe bt ngnazo izintombi lol…..awkahle L’vovo ukuphoxa amajita asethekwini kanti iBig Nuz ayikufundisi yini ukushela??come on L’vovo yeka iyndaba zo George ababhedayo uyeke fth ukutshela abantu or umhlaba wonke ukuth awunantombi umdala mawungaka yaz mina am a fan of urz bt i dnt thnk am dat fan manje cz awunantombi fth awusolwa ndawo if ungfuna ong4nela kule number 0835753656

  4. arbigal says:

    no l’vovo must go to the rural areas n look for the best girl , who can accept himself, he will be in agood relationship with that girl (true)

  5. thembelihle says:

    m here guyz for taking care of dirango ihave that love he deserve call me @ 071 750 4197

  6. kush says:

    Aibo ave nine ndaba nxaaa yeses

  7. mlungisi says:

    Dude if u wernt so busy fantasising about the guy you would also drive what hes driving and be as popular. Wether u thnk hes dick is large or small hes stiff fucking chicks you could neva touch so fuck u and your broke comments

  8. lucky says:

    mina into engiyibonayo nje ngoL’vovo ufuna isbhaxu azoyeke ubugwala..Sikhathele nguye..phela akusebona ubugwala lobu sekuwukuseyisa nje emdala.Lol

  9. lucky says:

    Wena Mlungisi kufanele ukhume kanjena ngoba nawe uyinkunzi kavul’a vale wesishimane…lol

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