JACOB ZUMA: Africa’s next dictator?

On the outside he seems jolly and playful, yet somehow you can’t help but feel certain negative energies creeping down your soul slowly each time you look at his picture. Maybe it’s just a hunch: just maybe!

Besides, can a man judge another based purely on instincts? YES and NO! By the way I just did and I’m sticking to it! Hate me for all I fucken care: I got four years of intense research to back up my theoretical instincts. Allow me to back it up a bit…

If you are a loyal Zuma diehard supporter, you elected him into power in Mangaung, you’ve funded the man somehow, you regard the man as your Messiah and you’re willing to kill for him: This article is about you!

“Zuma will rule ’til the second coming of Jesus!” – so they say. Not that I’m complaining, the last time I voted was in 1999, anyway. So don’t worry about me. I’m fine! It’s just that your cocky actions and bullish, intimidating ways of forcefully putting anyone into power kinda reminds me of why Africa got more dictators than the entire world combined.

Don’t get me wrong, Jacob Zuma is just a man chosen by the masses to lead the ANC. Too bad because now your unconditional love ’til the death for the man is slowly but surely turning him into Africa’s next Dictator! Now the question I have for you my know-it-all, cocky friend is: Will you live with the choice you made and…


“Zuma will rule ’til the second coming of Jesus!” – ANC supporter

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