JACOB ZUMA: Why he should quit second term!

The year was 2008 when Thabo Mbeki was forcefully denied 3rd term by Ancyl in favour of its other members. After lengthy backstabbing, denials and shadow games played by potential candidates, Jacob Zuma finally got the nod through intimidation and threats towards anyone who dared question the decision taken to why he was chosen to lead the ANC come 2009 elections and beyond.

As soon as he took the hot seat as their new leader, just months before the national elections took place, rape and corruption charges surfaced. During one of the most controversial trials since the rivonia trial, he admitted on having unprotected sexual intercourse with the woman out of an agreement and immediately took a cold shower afterwards. He was soon found not guilty of rape and all the charges brought against him, then went ahead to become the most controversial president South Africa and the rest of the world has ever seen.

As I’m typing this, three years later, he’s being regarded by the public as the most incompetent, selfish, vision-less leader to ever lead them. Not to mention the DA are also working tirelessly night and day to bring the corruption charges back. So far he’s married four times and got 20 kids. An estimated R256 million will be spent on building his homestead in Nkandla using tax payers’ money, which he openly denied. After all those above mentioned incidents, it seems the “great survivor” might be nominated by his party to lead them during 2014 elections. They regard that as a wise move to take the ANC movement forward.


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