MARIKANA: History repeated, lessons ignored!





When a blackman discovered gold for the first time more than a thousand years ago, he never thought he’d end up digging it up for life, till the second coming of jesus. That was a mistake…

Nearly 400 years later he’s still paying the price for his ingorance. Welcome to Marikana – a place where history repeats itself! Again! But why?

The answer is smple – ignorance! Too bad because 34 more lives just got lost over ignorance. But what is a blackman so ignorant about? Knowledge is power – the more you collect it, the more empowered you become. 

Unfortunately blacks hate knowledge, they actually prefer singing their problems away. So marikana is more of an exposure rather than a problem. What would you say if I told you that if the marikana miners where knowledgeable, they wouldn’t have even striked in the first place.

In fact most of them would have truly asked themselves if their lives where worth being wasted on something that was never meant to benefit them and their communities in the first place. They would’ve have known that if a white man was so obsessed about bleeding africa of its minerals dry – they would have to send their own brothers and sisters to dig up the minerals.

By the way – at the end of the day, they never got the R12 500 pm salary that some of them died for and somebody’s still yet to be held accountable for the crisis: two years later…








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  1. dpunkster says:

    Reblogged this on Dpunkster's Blog and commented:

    The latest incident at Marikana really made me rethink my contribution towards the empowerment of blacks!

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