TB Joshua’s Church: Why it crumbled like sugar!

Helicopter did it!

Helicopter did it!

“Tithing is a god-given must in your life, otherwise you won’t be blessed!” – Pastor Zondo

Since when the pastors where counted amongst the wealthiest? Didn’t Christ himself trash a church after realizing they were too much focused on financial issues? Why put a percentage on tithing? Does a senior pastor even need a private jet?

More importantly: if church members contributed their hard-earned cash on a church – shouldn’t they get value in return? This is the kinda question I raised quietly to myself after witnessing the collapse of TB Joshua’s church (pictured above) on national TV. Where one of the survivors confessed on just how “it crumbled like sugar!” Another victim reminiscing on how she survived on her own urine for seven days underneath all that pile of cheap cement. Shocker!

I’m not saying whatever happened during that spiritual event was of their own doing or whether the victims deserved it. My problem is the way the building fell. It crumbled so cheaply. For a moment you’d swear the building was simply built on cheap cement – nothing more nothing less. The place looked like a dumping site afterwards, with no sign of a building whatsoever. Forcing care workers to remove the bodies underneath a pile of white dust.

Who was the architect? Where’s the building plan? How cheap was the building material? How come steel pillars weren’t used? Which company was it? Who hired them? Are they even registered? Are they qualified? Who inspected the building after completion? Where’s the churchgoers’ ROI?

More importantly – Why expect tithing if you know you won’t be using the money to build a better, safer & more convenient church?

Blame it all on greed…


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KHANYI MBAU: Did she truly repent?


"Let's hope Tebogo won't find out..."

“I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke niggas…” - Kanye West

“Can I really trust her?” – must be the question Khanyi’s latest boyfriend, Tebogo asks himself every time he watches her sleep. If  those warnings made by his family (especially his mother), friends & fellow band members would come back to haunt him. “Is he a sucker for love indeed?” – he asks himself.

Meet Khanyi – South Africa’s very own self proclaimed gold digger and sugardaddies’ lover. The woman who never financially settled for less – the older and richer, the better! From driving Lamborghinis to R30 000 Louis Vitton handbags. The bitch’s pussy didn’t come cheap at all (Just ask Mandla Mthembu)! Everywhere she appeared women, young and old, hung on to their rich husbands for dear life (Just ask Primrose). Not that dating sugardaddies was the problem – she dumped them once they went broke! Poor Mandla!!! The slut even put her pussy online (remember twitter) just to get her diabetic, viagra-popping “damsels in distress'” attention. What a whore!

Fast forward to 2014 – the once called “gold digging” slut is now a “changed” young lady who only dates guys her age. She even uses her column on Sunday Sun to justify her latest innocent life while warning other young women to stay away from sugardaddies. Wow!  Each Sunday she can’t wait to verbally assault her sugardaddy exes. That shit sounds more like a bitter ex don’t you think, Khanyi? Bitch are you truly sure you’re really, sincerely over them? I personally don’t buy that cheap bullshit! Admit it, Khanyi: you miss them saggy balls now - don’t cha?

The truth shall set you free…


"Something for the sugardaddies..."

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George Mokaila is a musician, cartoonist as well as a blogger.

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Zidane: Headbutt saga revisited

Zidane! Zidane! He did it! He did it...

Zidane! Zidane! He did it! He did it…

“He insulted my sister” – Zidane

The year is 2006, Italy and France just reached the world cup soccer finals. Few minutes left before the end of extra time. It looks like the game would be decided on penalties.

The referee blows his whistle, Zidane is called over… Red card it is! “Zozou” leaves the pitch with immediate effect. Shocker!!!

“What did he do?”, asking myself.

Replay: Zidane passes Materazzi… Materazzi says something to him… He turns immediately and lays his thick skull on Marco’s tiny chest… Down he goes with the hand on his chest!

Back to the game – France are now 1 man short on the pitch. Their captain is gone! Few minutes later the referee blows his whistle and it’s off to penalties. Italians keep their nerve and eventually steal the cup. France lose.

24 hours later after the finals, french press was filled with Zidane pics and the local fans started mocking the fallen soccer star through song and dance while calling him a coward. His final match on the pitch ending on low key. Even FIFA banned and fined him.

It was time for the press to grill him some more by making him explain his stupid behaviour on such a crucial match. His answer: “Marco insulted my sister!” What? Wtf dude! What kinda of a captain are you letting personal feelings cost the entire country a world cup. You are a weakling – disgrace to french football. Now the only statue you got was the one showing you headbutt poor, innocent Materazzi. The man didn’t deserve this. He was a cool, decent man. Now he needs psychological help, thanks to you “Mr bad loser!”


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George “D_punkster aka Mjipa” Mokaila is a musician as well as a blogger!

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Here’s to the team that showed nothing but brilliance tonight by beating FC Barcelona 7 – 0 on aggregate – CHEERS!!!


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George “D-punkster aka Mjipa” Mokaila is a musician and a blogger.

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EA FIFA 14: Coming soon…

“It’s all in a game!”

Ladies and gents – it’s finally here: EA FIFA 14.

Even though a release date is not yet set, there’s no doubt that EA FIFA 14 is gonna be one of the most highly anticipated games (including GTA V) of 2013.

Rumors and leaks doing rounds on the web tend to claim that FIFA 14 developers at EA this time worked on the preciseness of goal scoring – meaning goals are going to be more spectacular than ever before. I’m not sure how would that particularly work on our consoles and PCs, so getting previews on platforms like Youtube would be nice before the game finally gets released.

Either way – GAME ON!

Platforms: PS2 PS3 XBOX PC PSP (not sure about PS VITA)

*George Mokaila is a pop/r&b artist, gamer and a blogger*

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PISTORIUS CLAN: They kill! by George Mokaila

“I thought she was an intruder!”

- Oscar Pistorius

A 44 magnum pistol, bloodied baseball & cricket bat all over the crime scene inside a bathroom in his flat next to his deceased model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp where found. Using a gun for protection? Maybe! Baseball & cricket bat? Hell no! If you ask me – That’s murder in the first degree! Question – What drove him to kill (in cold blood)?

“Blade runner,” as known all over the world, got something to hide – some deep & dark secrets! Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying he’s already guilty, but why finish her off with a baseball & cricket bat? Obviously by then you knew actually the gunned down “intruder” was actually your girlfriend. So why carnage & barbarism?

Enter his big brother, Carl Pistorius – also charged with attempted murder on his partner himself! Note: both these men run active 4 companies (including their little sister). So money is not an issue here! Only one answer remains – abuse! All these killer acts might just be a reflection of what the two men went through as toddlers – hell on earth!

All that emotional, physical and sexual abuse coming back to haunt them. Who knows…

That might be the reason they kill!

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On stage he’s such a charmaboy… a ladiesman! He even drives a flashy BMW X5. The man even got sexy dimples. So what’s wrong with ‘Mr Resista?’ Why is he single, dateless and *ahem* desperate for love?

Lol! I’m not laughing! Ok I am laughing out loud and please don’t judge me! *yawn* Ok back to the dateless one. Let me break it down for him a bit…


I don’t fucken care if you were “born fat, the thick belly gotta go, pal! Please don’t give me the “Zulus eat meat 24/7 *including breakfast*” crap. That’s 100% pure bullshit… and you know it. From now on I wanna see more veggies, less meat and beer on your music videos. By the way this diet plan includes Bignuz and Dj Tira tira tira too. Fat bellies gotta go!


I don’t mean to be rude, punk, but yo dick is too small! Answer: dick pump! Of course it ain’t easy as a man pouring yo heart about the size of yo tiny dick, uya nthola? But if I were you I’d go to noeleen3talk and talk about it live on air. Real men talk about it. I hope the entire afrotainment crew especially bignuz will join you too! I hate seeing these hos exploiting you for cash. You deserve better! Just pump it big, punk!


Wanna get laid, derango? Stop dancing like a fag. Period! Let Somizi jiggle the ass. She’s got nothing to lose! Rather lipsync on stage and tv. No chick will be caught dead dating a man who dances like a hoent bitch on heat.

You were warned!

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